Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stage Crew!!!

At my school, we are doing the musical version of The Whiz. The Whiz is a spin off of The Wizard of Oz, and I have yet to see it. I absolutely adore stage crew, and everything about it, and so, when I heard that we were going to be doing a play, I immediately volunteered for stage crew! I am, I think, the only older kid to want to be only in stage crew, and not in the actual play. I have previous experience in stage crew, so I was hoping that the directors would choose me to be head of stage crew. They did!!!! I am so happy!!!! I am now officially head of stage crew!!!! Even though I know that this will be a lot, I am going to give my all and make this an awesome musical/play!!!! In my last post, I talked about stress, and the many things that were stressing me out, but then my dad gave me a pep talk, and now I am a lot less stressed! I know that this might (aka will) add more stress to my life, but I really don't care! I will deal with it as it comes!

Monday, December 5, 2011


I am under so much stress! I have major tests soon, that will affect my academic career, I am starting to feel the social pressure, my friends are kind of acting weird, etc. Some people say that stress is good for you in small doses, but this is not small! My only escape is reading or talking or something else of that same sort that takes my mind off of it! I cannot escape it!!!!! I have just recently become not afraid of my mother, which is slightly a good thing, but it just adds more stress and pressure to my life, because she keeps on getting mad at me and when I would usually have a wave of fear, I now feel nothing. I have no fear, no anxiety, no nothing when she is mad at me. It is shocking! I am going to be so glad when we get into Christmas break, 'cause then all the stress will probably be gone!