Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WOW: Nature

The branches spin upward
Yearning for sunshine and light

The wind rustles through the leaves,
Peaceful as wind chimes

The sun shines through the branches,
Dappling the ground

The birds cheep lazily
Flitting from branch to branch

The leaves fall,
A waterfall of color

There is a calming aura spreading
Influencing everything in its grasp

The tree shields me from malevolent things
Like an umbrella of peace over the land

Monday, January 30, 2012

Never ending cycle

You smile and wave
Seeming like everything's ok

But when you're alone,
You crash and burn

You cry all night
Mourning in silence

In the morning,dry your tears
Happy and ecstatic today

No one ever finds out
They all can't see the truth

You hide from everyone
Because no one will ever understand

Teased by everyone
About your awkwardness, obscurity

Pain, humiliation, shame
The center of your life

Ever falling, ever falling,
Never able to get out
Of the never ending cycle of horror, grief and shame

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The cliff's edge

They gang up on you,
Making you feel insignifigant
They push you towards the cliff's edge
With a sheer drop to your death

You try to persuade them,
But they overpower you
They won't listen to your reasoning,
Saying, "guilty until proven innocent"

They push you ever closer to the cliff edge
You try to push back,
But it is futile
You are not strong enough to fight

They won't stop for anything
Not food, not warmth, nothing
Everything you do, they feed off of,
You're supplying them with a never ending source of humilitation

You don't want to give in
But that's the only way you can pull through
You can't accept your fate,
Not when it will go on forever

They sneer at you,
Laughing at your pain
Not caring about how you feel
Not caring about anything except themselves

You look at the bottom of the cliff
Wanting to end it on your terms
You look back at your life
Close your eyes and jump

A wolf's emotions

The pale eyes watching you
Canines snapping at your fingertips
Nostrils widening at your scent
The howl of a wolf
Enough to stun you into silence

The pale eyes watching you
Mouth widening into a grin
Wet nose nudging at your face
The love of a wolf
Enough to stun you into silence

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nature poem


The moon and stars shine
Lending us light in our darkest hour

The sun radiates heat
Warming us despite the ice

The wind blows
Freeing us from sadness and sorrow, stress and grief

The trees sway
Sending a calming aura across the land

The water ripples
Changing everything every second

The rocks tumble
Giving us solidity at our weakest moment

Nature naturally helps us,
But in return,
We are destroying it

But let me ask you one question
Is it worth it?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Write on Wednesday

"Did you hear how I phrased it?" he said, looking at me.
"Yeah." I answered, meeting his gaze for a second, but then flicking away. This was always happening to me, people correcting me on everything I said. I used to think, "Why do you ridicule me for my mistakes, but when I point out yours, you scream at me?". Now, I just accept everything calmly, knowing that it will probably go on for the rest of my life. I can never escape it, never get away from it. It's just going to always be a part of my life, and I just need to accept that. But the thing is, I don't want to. I need to, but I don't want to.

Anything I try to do, I get ridiculed. Nothing will help. Absolutely nothing. I am all alone on a cliff, standing at the edge, with people laughing and pushing me closer to the edge, to the sheer drop. I try to push back, but they're too strong. I have nothing to save me, except to end it on my own terms and just jump before they can push me. I hope that at the last minute, they will change their minds and stop pushing. But I know that's not likely. Actually, it's never going to happen. No matter how many times they promise to stop, it always starts again. I just have to accept my fate and jump.

IamtheGreekGeek: The stories a tree could tell....

IamtheGreekGeek: The stories a tree could tell....: A tree could tell a lot of stories. It could tell of all the storms it's weathered, or of how it's surroundings have changed throughout the ...

The stories a tree could tell....

A tree could tell a lot of stories. It could tell of all the storms it's weathered, or of how it's surroundings have changed throughout the centuries it's been alive. I feel that a tree would have a very strong, deep, confident, calm, patient voice, don't you think? It would develop all those qualities throughout its life, patience coming last of all, because, or course, that is the most difficult quality to obtain. If a tree could tell stories, I would gladly sit there and listen, for the rest of my life, to all the stories a tree would tell. The people who would get impatient and stomp away would not be able to appreciate the tree's wisdom, and therefore, not hear its lessons. I think we should all listen to trees, they could teach us a lot about our selves, others, and the world.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My life

This is how I'm viewing my life right now. I wrote a little poem about it, I don't think it's very good, its kind of depressing.

My Life

Spiraling down into the deep dark hole called my life
With only brief flashes of light to sustain me
In this deep dark hole called my life
I never know if I'll ever get out alive

The nightmares chase me
Torturing me with my life
I relive the memories
Crying at the stranger called my life

I'm spiraling down into the deep dark hole called my life
I never know if I'll ever get out alive
In this deep dark hole called my life
No one's here to see me when I die

I used to laugh at all the small things
Now I laugh at nothing
I used to run and enjoy my life
Now I wait for it all to end

Nothing can save me
Not the moon, not the sun
Nor love, the eternal kind
I'm trapped here, in my mind

I'm questioning everything I knew
  Is this is all truely happening to me?
Could this all be a dream, a fantasy?
I wake up, throwing myself into my life
Blinking at all the light that sustains me
Was that thing I knew my life?
I guess it was, don't know what else to say

I'm not spiraling down into the deep dark hole called my life
Instead, I'm basking in the light of my new life
I throw myself into everything I do
Trying not to allow the thing I saw to come true

Monday, January 9, 2012

Autumn Poem

I composed a poem about autumn when I was walking home from school, in about 5 min. Of course, I revised and edited it, later on, but still... I think that that is a pretty big accomplishment for me, since I usually don't write poetry, and if I do, it is usually written in hours, not minutes. I think that this is pretty good, at least for me, so let me know what you think! Well, here goes nothing! Wish me (or my poem) luck!


When the leaves change colors
The wind begins to blow
The apples ripen
For frosty snow

When the birds begin to nest
The flowers start to die
When the weather turns cold
In the brisk autumn sky

The leaves begin to fall
And dew becomes frost
When rain turns to snow
Summer is lost

When water becomes ice
The wind turns cold
The fires are lit
And stories are told

When the grass starts to sprout
The sun begins to shine
Flowers start to bloom
And love blossoms fine

The weather turns hot
The sun fails to set
Cold is wanted
And people start to fret

When the leaves change colors
Everybody knows
Autumn is coming
And the world seems aglow