Monday, March 12, 2012


Drumming on the table,
Or swinging our legs,
Zaniness is everywhere.

Whether we notice or not,
It is there.
Whether we like it or not,
It is there.

We might not notice it,
Or notice it
And just not acknowledge it,
Zaniness is everywhere.

It creeps into our lives,
Declaring itself present,
For a class called, "Our lives"

And though it might be our worst enemy,
Distracting us from our daily lives,
Or our best friend,
Keeping us occupied,
Even in the worst of situations.
Whatever role it takes in our lives,
We need to accept it,
For what it is,
Or it will never leave us alone.

We need to accept
That zaniness,
Or all around weirdness,
Is just going to be a part of our lives,
From start to finish.
From the time we wake,
To the time we fall asleep forever.

We need to stop trying to cut it out of our lives,
Is like a cockroach.
It is indestructible!

We will never cut it out fully,
Without it,
We are nothing.


  1. Wow! Very powerful poem! As always, I enjoy reading your pieces.

  2. And who would want to be without it - life would be so flat and colourless.

  3. Great poem Flute! You really did a wonderful job explaining why zaniness is all around us, and why that is a good thing. Super way to use the prompt!

  4. oh yes, we need zany! life would just be too dull without it! nice wording, greek geek.